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IBM Watson IoT Maximo 7.6 - Functional Analyst Certification


Course Contents


Module 1: Asset Management


·        Describe managing and creating failure codes

·        Describe managing and creating locations and location hierarchies

·        Describe set up and use of meters

·        Describe the use of warranty contracts for assets

·        Describe moving, modifying and swapping assets

·        Describe using and applying Asset Templates

·        Identify asset relationships

·        Describe creating asset subassemblies and spare parts

·        Describe the difference between rotating and non-rotating assets



Module 2: Predictive and Preventive Maintenance


·        Explain the use of Master PMs

·        Describe how to configure the various types of PMs

·        Identify using Routes

·        Describe how to generate and modify a PM forecast

·        Describe how Condition Monitoring can be configured to generate work orders

·        Describe time based and meter based PMs

·        Apply job plan sequencing to PMs



Module 3: Work Management and Planning


·        Describe work orders, child work orders and tasks

·        Explain how to assign a work order

·        Describe the plans and actuals on a work order

·        Describe the work order status change life cycle

·        Describe the creation of Job Plans

·        Describe how to report labor hours



Module 4: Procurement Management


·        Describe procurement related contracts

·        Describe the difference between a company and a company master

·        Describe the purchasing life cycle (PR, PO, RFQ, DR, Invoice)

·        Describe the receiving processes

·        Perform the return of a rotating asset or direct issue item



Module 5: Inventory Management


·        Explain inventory and inventory balances

·        Define costing methods

·        Describe the use of item assembly structures

·        Describe the different types of items

·        Describe using the Inventory Usage application

·        Describe hard and soft inventory reservations

·        Define a service item

·        Describe tool records and stocked tools

·        Describe adding new units of measure and conversions

·        Define the item statuses

·        Apply the reorder process



Module 6: Workflow and Escalations


·        Describe the use of workflow processes

·        Construct workflow processes

·        Describe the use of escalations



Module 7: Analytics


·        Construct adhoc reports

·        Identify where KPIs can be viewed

·        Describe KPI Templates

·        Explain the different reporting options

·        Demonstrate knowledge of running and using reports



Module 8: Administration


·        Describe the creation of organization and sites

·        Describe managing resources

·        Describe managing the security configuration

·        Describe configuration of the business financials

·        Describe the creation of Calendars and Work Periods

·        Describe managing Classifications and attributes


·        Describe edit mode and how to apply it

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