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Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI


Module 1 : Introduction to Power BI, Power pivot, Power view,Power map

     Lessons :

·        Introduction to SSBI

·        SSBI Tools

·        What is Power BI

·        Power BI – Flow of Activity

·        Building Blocks of Power BI

·        Power BI – Primary Tools : Power Pivot, Power Query, Power View, Power Map, Power Q&A, Power BI Desktop


     Module 2 : Power BI Desktop


·        Power BI Desktop – Install

·        Data Sources and Connections

·        Connect to Data in Power BI Desktop

·        How to use Query Editor in Power BI

·        Advanced Data Changes and Transformation

·        Views in Power BI Desktop

·        Modeling Data - Manage Data Relationship, Create Calculated Columns, Optimize Data Models



Module 3: Data Analysis Expression (DAX)

 Lessons :

·        What is DAX

·        Data Types in DAX

·        Calculation Types

·        DAX Functions : Date and Time, Time IIntelligence, Information, Logical, Mathematical, Statistical, Text, Aggregate

·        Measures in DAX

·        Table Relationships and DAX 



Module 4 : Data Visualization


·        Why Data Visualization

·        Practices for Data Visualization

·        How to use Visual in Power BI

·        Reports in Power BI

·        Charts in Power BI (Scatter, Waterfall, Funnel)

·        Slicers

·        Map Visualizations

·        Gauges and Single Number Cards

·        R Visuals in Power BI



Module 5 : Introduction to Power BI Q&A &Data Insights



·        Power BI Q&A

·        Dashboard

·        Dashboard vs Reports

·        Creating a Dashboard

·        Dashboard Tiles

·        Pinning Tiles

·        Quick Insights with Power BI

·        Power BI Publisher for Excel



Module 6 : Custom Visualizations


·        Define Custom Visualizations in Power BI

·        Illustrate the installation and use of Custom Visuals 

·        Explain how to add a custom visual to a report in Power BI Desktop

·        Publish Custom visuals to the office store

·        Explain Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

·        Describe Data Binding


Module 7 : Power BI Embedded


·        Power BI Embedded Conceptual Model

·        Workspace Collection

·        Adding Power BI content to a Workspace

·        Application Authentication Tokens

·        Parts of Power BI embedded - REST API

·        Power BI Embedding without an Embed Token

·        Power BI Embedding with an Embed Token


Module 8 : Power BI Intergration Administration


·        Data Gateways 

·        Content packs

·        Power BI Report Server 










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