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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail


Course Outline


Module 1: Set up and Configure Organizational Parameters



·        Model an organization

·        Configure retail parameters

·        Configure workflows

·        Integrate stores

·        Manage retail channels


Module 2: Set up and Configure Point of Sale



·        Perform Point of Sale (POS) set up processes

·        Configure POS terminals

·        Configure barcodes and labels


Module 3: Set up and Configure Products



·        Configure basic product parameters

·        Build product category hierarchies

·        Create and manage catalogs

·        Manage delivery modes

·        Manage direct delivery

·        Manage pricing discounts

·        Connect vendor information to products


Module 4: Manage Retail Operations



·        Manage workers

·        Generate retail information reports

·        Implement customer loyalty schemes and gift cards

·        Manage journals

·        Manage inventory replenishment

·        Manage a call center



Module 5: Conduct Retail Activities



·        Perform POS operations

·        Manage sale orders

·        Manage customers

·        Manage drawer operations and daily operations

·        Manage installment billing

·        Manage returns and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) processing

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