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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Course Outline


Module 1: Create a Customer Organizational Structure


·        Manage Customer Records

·        Manage the Sales Process

·        Manage Customer Communication

·        Manage Sales Literature and Competitors


Module 2: Manage Leads and Opportunities


·        Manage Leads

·        Identify and Manage Opportunities

·        Utilize Opportunity Functionality

·        Manage Opportunity Relationships


Module 3: Manage Relationship and Sales Analysis


·        Manage Relationship Intelligence

·        Manage Relationship Analysis

·        Integrate Email with Dynamics 365 Sales

·        Manage Sales by using Sales Analysis Tools


Module 4: Manage the Sale Process


·        Manage the Business Process Flow

·        Manage Products by Using the Product Catalog

·        Manage Price Structures

·        Manage Product Relationships

·        Manage Sales Transactional Records


Module 5: Improve Sales Performance


·        Manage goals

·        Manage visual tools with Sales Analysis


Module 6: Manage Customer Information


·        Operate Dynamics 365 Sales Functions

·        Perform Data Management

·        Perform Lifecycle Management



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