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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service


Course Outline


Module 1: Set up and Configure Field Service



·        Perform Initial Configuration Steps

·        Configure Product and Service Pricing

·        Configure Bookable Resources

·        Configure Additional Options

·        Integrate Other Tools With Field Service


Module 2: Manage Work Orders



·        Describe The Work Order Lifecycle

·        Create and Manage Work Orders

·        Manage Incidents


Module 3: Schedule and Dispatch Work Orders



·        Manage Scheduling Options

·        Implement The Schedule Board

·        Implement The Schedule Assistant

·        Optimize Resource Scheduling

·        Configure Universal Scheduling


Module 4: Manage Field Service Mobility



·        Install and Configure The Mobile App

·        Customize The Mobile App

·        Manage Mobile Projects


Module 5: Manage Inventory and Purchasing



·        Manage Customer Assets

·        Manage Inventory

·        Managing Purchasing and Product Returns


Module 6: Manage The Connected Field Service Solution



·        Configure The Connected Field Service Solution

·        Manage Devices


Module 7: Manage Agreements



·        Create and Manage Agreements

·        Define and Create Bookings

·        Define and Create Invoices

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