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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Distribution and Trade


Course Outline


Module 1: Set up and Maintain Master Data for the Supply Chain and Distribution and Trade



·        Manage Customer Relationships

·        Manage Vendor Relationships

·        Manage Products and Services

·        Enrich Product Data


Module 2: Manage the Sales Process



·        Control and Manage Sales

·        Manage Sales Commissions

·        Create Sales Quotations

·        Perform the Sales Process

·        Process Outbound Delivery and Invoicing


Module 3: Manage the Purchase Process



·        Control and Manage Purchases

·        Create Purchase Requisitions

·        Create Requests for Quotations

·        Perform the Procurement Process

·        Receive Products and Services

·        Manage Vendor Invoices

·        Manage Vendor Invoice Journals


Module 4: Manage the Payment Process and Cash Application Process



·        Set up Payment Management

·        Manage Vendor Payments

·        Manage Customer Payments

·        Manage Bills of Exchange


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